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How we work – from start to finish

We think it is very important that parents/carers can discuss anything to do with the experience their child has with us. In order to help with this we offer the following:

Initial interview

Before a place is formally offered at Horatio House, you and you child will be invited to meet with us. We will arrange a time that is convenient for you and we find that these meetings usually last around an hour.

We will:

  • Show you around the building
  • Explain a little about how Horatio House came into being
  • Tell you about the programmes we offer and the options available
  • Listen to any hopes or concerns you might have
  • Give an overview of how we work, how we celebrate success and how we work to find a solution if anything doesn’t go too well
  • Agree the things we will implement to help your child
  • Let you know when we will be sending reports home
  • Provide you with all our contact details
  • Assure you that our door is always open to you and encourage you to contact us whenever you feel the need to

Reports to parents

Reports are sent home at the end of each term. Reports cover progress in all subject areas being undertaken, as well as the attendance percentage. The end of year report also includes a summary of how your child has progressed, both socially and academically.

Contact with parents/carers

We do our best to maintain very regular contact. We will let you know whenever your child has done something to be particularly proud of and if there’s ever an issue we think you could help with.

Likewise we would very much welcome you contacting us on anything you think we should know about. We can only help your child to be the best they can be if we hear from you on any significant issues in their lives that may affect them when they are with us. Likewise we need to know your feedback on areas we are doing well at, or need to improve upon.

If you have a complaint

If ever you have something you are not happy with and remain unhappy after having spoken to us, you can find out about our Complaint Policy here. Our Complaint Form is also available to download.

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