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How We Work

How We Work

Pupil consultation

Knowing what the young people who attend Horatio House think about the education they receive, is very important to us. We are developing a number of different ways to make sure we hear and act upon what pupils tell us.

Start & finish questionnaires

When pupils first join us we conduct a detailed interview and ask them to complete a brief questionnaire. We ask them to complete another when they finish and this helps us identify where we have succeeded and where we could have done better.

Student Council

Each group agrees on who will represent it on our student council. Student council meetings take place once per half term. The representative is responsible for gathering the views of his/her group, raising them at council and reporting the outcome back to their group.

Individual lessons

Our teaching staff build into their lesson planning time to check that the pupils are learning from the session. Because we have a high staff to pupil ratio, each lesson is able to include discussion between every pupil and teaching staff on how the lesson is going, what they have learnt, what they’d like to learn more about and what they would like further help with.

Restorative approach

We endeavour to use the restorative way of working extensively throughout Horatio House. We believe this approach enables everybody to take more responsibility for their own actions and be able to express whenever they feel they are not being treated fairly.

Attendance reporting arrangements

Daily – Attendance from every group is reported to the office for each session. Sessions begin at 9am, 10am & 11.30 am in the morning and at 1.15pm in the afternoon. For a small number of pupils who attend a fifth day (usually Work Related Learning), we can only offer a shorter experience, as only schools in their own right can offer full time ( 20 hours or more per week) education. This day starts at 9.15am and ends at 2pm. Pupils arriving 10 minutes after the morning or afternoon start time are recorded as late. If any pupils haven’t arrived within 30 minutes of the start time and no notification has been received, contact is made with their parents/carers.
Weekly – Each Friday attendance records for the week are emailed and/or faxed to home schools.

Improving attendance

Attendance concerns are raised initially by staff at Horatio House with pupils and their parents on an as and when basis. Attendance is identified in pupil reports to home. Should problems persist, home schools take the lead in the range of approaches they use to improve attendance and can include formal court action.

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