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Assessment Centre

Large numbers of young people arrive in the Great Yarmouth area during the school year and often in their final year of school education.

For many, arriving in a new area is an additional challenge and poses difficulties, especially for those who have struggled to engage in formal education in the past.

Many arrive from overseas with little information about their learning needs or prior attainments.

To ensure that pupils with challenging needs are equitably distributed between the five secondary schools/academies in the town, the Schools Adjudicator has approved the implementation of a Pupil Placement Panel (PPP), meeting every half term. The Assessment Centre provides assessments and diagnostics for these young people. They then either join local high schools without further delay or a placement is identified at the next PPP.

Pupils spend up to half a term in our Assessment Centre while staff assess their Literacy and Numeracy performance, their social skills and how well they interact, to recommend their future educational route.

This has additionally proved a valuable ‘easing in” period for young people arriving from abroad, given them an opportunity to work on their English and settle in to their new surroundings before joining a school.

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