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Alternative Provision Staff

Alternative Provision Staff

Three qualified teachers

All our teaching staff have many years experience working in both mainstream and specialist settings. Skilled in enabling academic progress for pupils, they are all experts in supporting children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Three instructors

We employ instructors skilled in working with vulnerable pupils, from industry, to ensure we deliver vocational education, which develops the skills needed in the workplace.

Six Teaching Assistants

Perhaps the most important factor in enabling our pupils to make progress is the individual attention we can give. Our highly experienced, skilled team of TAs ensures that the maximum ratio of staff to students never goes above 1:4.

Three Specialist Support and Assessment staff

Whether it is day-to-day support, assessing a pupil’s ability to access a mainstream placement, or identifying and remedying gaps in literacy or numeracy, these specialist roles support pupils in accessing the next level of their education.

Three Members of the Senior Management Team

With combined experience of working with young people for over 60 years; there is not a lot that our SMT haven’t encountered. Our leaders have worked with young people and managed services in schools, youth work, social care, educational psychology, pupil referral units and SEN.

Business Support Staff

Our administration cannot exist in isolation of our client group, so whilst our onsite office manager is highly skilled and experienced in business support, they are also as important a part of the team working with young people as every other staff member. In addition we benefit from extensive business support from the team based at the Great Yarmouth Community Trust’s headquarters.


Just as our administration cannot exist in isolation of our client group, neither can our cleaner/caretaker. Whilst focussing on cleaning and maintaining our premises, young people still have the occasional opportunity to work alongside him in preparation for the demands of the workplace. In so doing he works with them to the same high standards as any other staff member.

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