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Volunteers Week

Volunteers' Week 2017: You make the difference 1-7 June

Volunteers' Week is an annual event that gives communities and organisations across the UK the opportunity to shine the spotlight on local volunteers, giving them the recognition and thanks they deserve.

At GYCT we are celebrating the huge difference that our volunteers make to the services we are able to provide for our local community. Without their commitment we would not be able to offer anywhere near as many groups, events and activities.

We are also asking others to think about what they can do. How can YOU make the difference to local people? What can you contribute to a cause you care about?

Through volunteering we can change things for the better, making the difference to individuals in our own community, from improving the environment we live in, spending time with those who may otherwise by lonely and contributing to a range of other essential services and support.

Volunteering your services to help others is not just hugely satisfying, it can also teach you skills that are invaluable to potential employers.

What can volunteering do for YOU?

  • Add to your CV
  • Improve chances of employment
  • Have fun
  • Feel better
  • Make new friends
  • Build your confidence
  • Gain new skills
  • Training opportunities
  • References given
  • Personal achievement
  • Support your community
  • Try something different

You must be ..

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Reliable and committed
  • Non judgemental
  • Friendly and approachable

We will ..

  • Value you and your ideas
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Offer ongoing support
  • Provide relevant training
  • Give references

Come and be part of our growing team. Find out more about the opportunities that are currently available at GYCT.

Or contact the Volunteering Coordinator:
T: 01493 743014 E:

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